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Pirates also love games (Arrr)

2010, 30 december

Popularity can be a pain. Avatar was big in theaters and with 16,580,000 downloads on BitTorrent alone, it was big with pirates too. Games haven’t come quite as far yet, but Call Of Duty Black Ops, which was only released in November 2010, was illegally downloaded 5,200,000 times for PC and Xbox 360. Last year Modern Warfare 2 was good for 5,070,000 downloads.

And I do believe these numbers would be a lot higher if it wasn’t quite a bit harder to get a pirated game running than it is to play a downloaded movie.

Numbers from


Wii’s End? More than a feeling

2010, 15 december

There are some people who consider the Nintendo Wii at an endgate. And beyond the endgate: downhill. There are also people who will troll you if you say so publicly.

But can we analyze the situation? If you take into account the hardware evolutions of “the other two” and look at the new marketing strategy Nintendo has sailed recently, I can’t say those people who say the Wii is dead, are wrong.

But are they right?


Now it’s christmas time! Vintage NeoGeo [tweet]

2010, 7 december

Now it’s christmas time! SNK will launch the NeoGeo Station on the PSN to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console.

Don’t go used

2010, 5 december

RecycleOnlangs zat in De Standaard “Play Generation” een bijlage van Media Planet. Het was een game bijlage met onder meer leesvoer over online gokken, partygames en een interview met Gamegirl Sjlot. Ik was ook nieuwsgierig naar een artikel over de tweedehandsmarkt van games. Het is namelijk een “hot item” in de gamesector: veel ontwikkelaars vinden de tweedehandsmarkt schadelijk voor de industrie. Helaas, het artikel was louter een subtiele infomercial voor Game Mania. Geen slechte marketingzet, maar niet echt brandend actueel. Dit wel. (more…)